Augmented Reality Market Penetration Driven by Mobile

7 of the Top 10 apps feature AR

In U.S. mobile app downloads in January of 2021, 7 of the top 10 apps feature Augmented Reality in some way. Mobile AR is driving penetration and engagement with the technology. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat have expanded their mobile AR capabilities and enjoyed higher engagement rates – with Snapchat reporting that 75% of their users engage with AR.

Pokemon Go was the first foray for most smartphone users into the world of AR, and four years later, the game continues to enjoy sustainable users and revenue. Other mobile AR efforts employ AR as a feature to already successful mobile apps, but the continued development and ability to use features only available on a mobile device, creates new scenarios and experiences. Adding AR to an app may prove to smooth the path in gaining consumer traction.

Why is this important now

Brands need new ways to reach customers in a post-pandemic world, but there remains a resistance to moving mobile, rather than investing in Web AR. With more than 3 billion smartphones in use globally, it’s difficult to deny that mobile engagement, especially one that is entertaining, rewarding and personalized, is a key metric to consider and could be the differentiator consumer businesses are searching for.

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